Towers Crescent

Development and Ownership Team

1850 Towers Crescent Plaza...The Crowning Achievement

Quadrangle Development Corporation—on behalf of GM Asset Management and AEW Capital Management—invites you to make Towers Crescent your destination of choice.


The Towers Crescent Team is led by affiliates of Quadrangle Development Corporation. For nearly 40 years, Quadrangle has anticipated the needs and exceeded the expectations of greater Washington, D.C.'s leading companies. Quadrangle's seasoned professionals are directly involved in every aspect of the development and on-going property management services, a commitment that has resulted in a long track record of customer satisfaction.


QuadrangleQuadrangle Development Corporation is one of Washington's largest and most reputable developers and managers of office space. Since 1971, the company has built or acquired 86 buildings totaling 23 million square feet at a current cost of $7 billion. Quadrangle is particularly proud of its reputation for developing innovative, award-winning projects, and for providing attentive service and impeccable property management services. For more information, please visit


AEWAEW Capital Management, L.P., is the external investment adviser assisting General Motors Asset Management with the planning and development of Towers Crescent. Since 1981, the firm has created and implemented superior real estate investment strategies for institutional and private investors. AEW and its affiliates currently manage over $48 billion of real estate investments on behalf of the world's leading institutional and private investors. For more information, please visit